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Pongal celebration

Culture can be understood by tasting it. As part of understanding the most ancient tamil culture, we celebrated Pongal festival in our school. Students came in colourful traditional dresses. The celebration started with class-wise rangoli competition. Each class was allotted spaces where they can draw and colour their rangoli. The students as well as the teachers eagerly participated in the competition and designed beautiful and colourful rangolis on the ground. After the competition, we had traditional dances like Oyilattam, Kuravan Kurathi Aatam, Maan Kombu Aatam, etc which our students performed with lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Then started the real celebration. Several traditional games had been organised for the students. There were pot breaking competition, kabaddi, tug of war, kho-kho, and so on. Children also enjoyed going for a ride on bullock carts. Prizes were given to the students who won in the games. In the mean time, sweet pongal was given to everyone. Everyone was very happy with the events being arranged. They all went back home with the spirits of Ken pongal as well the pongal awaiting them.