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To draw the conclusion, we can underline that it does not matter what you have a deal with, if you cope with vast docs, you have no other option but try the VDRs and feel all their pros.


The festival “Navratri” means nine nights. It is one of the important festivals in India that signifies the victory of good over evil. In order to make our students know about this festival, we celebrated Navratri in our school in a wonderful manner. The festive celebration began with dandiya performance by our cute little dancers. The teachers, dressed up like Gujaratis, danced along with the children. Parents were invited to share the happiness. Even the parents and senior students joined the celebration by dancing to the beat.

At the end of the dance performances, everyone visited the “golu” which was beautifully arranged by our teachers. Several beautiful golu dolls as well as other toys were arranged in a well organised manner. Many of the dolls arranged there were brought with lot of love and care by the students from their houses. Students from all the classes came in queues to see the golu. They were enchanted to see some of their dolls being arranged there. They also learnt about the history behind this beautiful celebration.

That few days went on with special poojas and delicious offerings followed by the most awaited pooja holidays!


Everyone knows about a Democracy. It is the best form of government. So, we planned to select our School Pupil Leader (SPL) and Assistant School Pupil Leader (ASPL) by conducting an election.

An election committee was formed to conduct the election in a democratic manner. With all the arrangements done in a precise manner, the election had got to make its way.


Then came the Election Day. All teachers and students from class 4 began to vote. With the election going on like a real election, voters got ink marks on their nails for the confirmation of voting. The voting process came to an end by lunch time. The Election Committee was busy counting the votes. It was done confidentially, with full suspense for everyone.


Then it was time for the election results. The result was announced in a thrilling way! It was a moment of Goosebumps for the candidates and their fans. As hoped, the election was a successful one indeed

Children’s day

“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of nation and citizens of tomorrow”, said the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children and therefore we celebrate his birthday as children’s day. In our school, we celebrated children’s day in a wonderful manner. Students came up in colourful dresses and lighted up the day. The morning session went on with regular classes except for KG, who had children’s day celebration.

In the afternoon, the surprise was unveiled. The teachers had arranged games for the students. Each and every class got different sets of games. The School Pupil Leader of our school blew the whistle and marked the start of each game. Those interesting games excited the students!

Once the games session was over, the students were given another surprise, their ardent desire was satisfied, yes, they were given a session for PET. The children’s day of 2016 turned out to be the most memorable for many. The students went back home with heart full of joy and happiness.

Christmas celebration

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. With the same motive, Christmas was celebrated in our school by the Ken Family. The day started with the Christmas songs sung by the choir. We had cute little Santas who danced merrily. They shook hands with everyone, wishing them Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. They also gave chocolates to everyone. All the students and teachers wished each other and shared their happiness. The students went back home with the spirit of Christmas and New Year, and of course……. Holidays!

Pongal celebration

Culture can be understood by tasting it. As part of understanding the most ancient tamil culture, we celebrated Pongal festival in our school. Students came in colourful traditional dresses. The celebration started with class-wise rangoli competition. Each class was allotted spaces where they can draw and colour their rangoli. The students as well as the teachers eagerly participated in the competition and designed beautiful and colourful rangolis on the ground. After the competition, we had traditional dances like Oyilattam, Kuravan Kurathi Aatam, Maan Kombu Aatam, etc which our students performed with lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Then started the real celebration. Several traditional games had been organised for the students. There were pot breaking competition, kabaddi, tug of war, kho-kho, and so on. Children also enjoyed going for a ride on bullock carts. Prizes were given to the students who won in the games. In the mean time, sweet pongal was given to everyone. Everyone was very happy with the events being arranged. They all went back home with the spirits of Ken pongal as well the pongal awaiting them.

Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanti is a festival celebrated on Lord Krishna’s birthday. It is a very auspicious day. And we celebrated this prosperous day in our school.

Kids were dressed up like Lord Krishna and Radha. It was a delight to watch all those little Krishnas holding their flutes in their hand. It was a day combined with divinity and enjoyment.

That day gave blessings to all our children for a bright future!


Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. It is among the courses with high scope. In our school, we have robotics training regularly. Students learn about the various components of robots and their functions. They also design robots and make them work. They are also able to explain the construction and working of the robots. We also had a 2 days robotics camp organised by Android Robo in our school campus where students designed amazing robots under the supervision of Mr. Kamal. They really enjoy doing robots with perfection.

Sports Meet

It was 20th of August 2016 when it was the time to warm up the freshly packed muscles! It was the Dakshin Sahodaya Schools Complex (South Zone) Inter – School Athletics Meet 2016 hosted by LHL CBSE School.

Beginning with the march past, the sportsmen were spirited up for a healthy performance. All the athletes competing with the intent of victory was a thrill to watch! Our student, B. Sri Vignesh of Class X, who competed with many high jumpers who were a quintessence of high jump, fought with full determination to achieve gold in the high jump event!

It was not only a day of sports and competitions, but was also a day of fun and entertainment for the students. Hoping for better performances next time!