Location 368/1, Arunachala Meadows Naranamamal Puram Sankarnagar, Tamil Nadu 627357

The festival “Navratri” means nine nights. It is one of the important festivals in India that signifies the victory of good over evil. In order to make our students know about this festival, we celebrated Navratri in our school in a wonderful manner. The festive celebration began with dandiya performance by our cute little dancers. The teachers, dressed up like Gujaratis, danced along with the children. Parents were invited to share the happiness. Even the parents and senior students joined the celebration by dancing to the beat.

At the end of the dance performances, everyone visited the “golu” which was beautifully arranged by our teachers. Several beautiful golu dolls as well as other toys were arranged in a well organised manner. Many of the dolls arranged there were brought with lot of love and care by the students from their houses. Students from all the classes came in queues to see the golu. They were enchanted to see some of their dolls being arranged there. They also learnt about the history behind this beautiful celebration.

That few days went on with special poojas and delicious offerings followed by the most awaited pooja holidays!