Location 368/1, Arunachala Meadows Naranamamal Puram Sankarnagar, Tamil Nadu 627357

Everyone knows about a Democracy. It is the best form of government. So, we planned to select our School Pupil Leader (SPL) and Assistant School Pupil Leader (ASPL) by conducting an election.

An election committee was formed to conduct the election in a democratic manner. With all the arrangements done in a precise manner, the election had got to make its way.


Then came the Election Day. All teachers and students from class 4 began to vote. With the election going on like a real election, voters got ink marks on their nails for the confirmation of voting. The voting process came to an end by lunch time. The Election Committee was busy counting the votes. It was done confidentially, with full suspense for everyone.


Then it was time for the election results. The result was announced in a thrilling way! It was a moment of Goosebumps for the candidates and their fans. As hoped, the election was a successful one indeed