Location 368/1, Arunachala Meadows Naranamamal Puram Sankarnagar, Tamil Nadu 627357

School History and Facts

In 2009 Mr. A.Dayashankar who was working with GE in the US decided to go back to India and start a school that will help the students of Tirunelveli compete with the best in India.

It took couple of more years to get the idea into action and Kenbridge School became a reality in 2011 and the first academic session started in 2012.

Quick Facts

Land Acquisition : 2009
Total School Land Area : 5.5 Acres
Start of Construction : 2011
Total planned Construction : 100,000 Sqft
Current Construction Area : 30,000 Sqft
First Academic Year : 2012
Affiliation : CBSE
Classes Offered : Pre-Kg to 12th Class
Religious Affiliation : None
Hostel Facility : None
Gender Mix : Co-Ed
Student/ Teacher Ratio : 1: 15

Board of Trustees

Trusteeship : Acrefeet Trust Board of Trustees
1) Mr. Shanmugham - Retired
2) Mrs. Shanmugham -
3) Ramakrishna Peri - Currently living in USA

Use of Technology

At KenBridge School, Tirunelveli, a specially designed integrated curriculum sets the tone for teaching. The conventional chalk and talk method is replaced with the do and learn method. Additionally, the following facilities are available to aid your child in learning:

  • Digital classroom – Most of the classrooms are smart classes.
  • Digitized content – High quality digitized content to aid teaching of complex and dry concepts with animations.